Server Connection Check

Is there any endpoint that can be used to check the connection to the server without user authentication? For example, in YouTrack, you can retrieve the server version. I need this for diagnostic purposes to troubleshoot user issues with internet connectivity.

I don’t believe this exists. You could potentially query the server with a dummy auth, and if the server answers 403, you know the server is alive and well? :thinking: @Phil_Seeman any idea?
maybe you can GET and read what is says :sweat_smile:

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Hi @Tomasz_Klin,

Yeah, I don’t know of an endpoint you could use for that but I like @Bastien_Siebman’s idea to query some simple endpoint like with a fake auth and check the return code.

I wouldn’t use as it’s not guaranteed to be 100% reliable for API outages.

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As Bastien and Phil mentioned, there is no official server status endpoint, but you can make a simple request if you need to proactively confirm they are not down.

We recommend developers build apps to gracefully handle the potential error codes they may encounter.


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Thank you! I will do that.

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