Sendana Tools-Sendana Date-Now you can rollback or rollforward all the dates of your projects or templates

Stratelyze LLC is proud to announce the latest addition to the Sendana line of utilities Sendana Date. Sendana Date is a useful utility to adjust the dates of your existing projects or templates. Among the features are:

  1. Roll-forward or rollback Start Date and Due Date.
  2. Decide on whether to adjust dates on completed tasks.
  3. Decide whether you want to skip weekends so new dates only fall on a weekday sometimes considered a workday
  4. Decide whether you want to add a single Due Date to all tasks that have blank due dates. This would allow you to search the project later and replace the date with your finally determined due date.

We are going to do some private beta testing for a short period before we open up to the public. If anyone in the community would like to participate in this, just note on this thread or send me a private message. We are excited to add Sendana Date as we know many of you have saved templates that have had previous dates in them. Sendana Date allows you to roll them forward or backwards by submitting a number of days. This is not a dynamic date changing program but allows consultants to deliver dated projects or anyone in the community that uses re-occuring project steps to have this tool. We now have Sendana The Outlook Addin, Sendana Add- Add Any Project or Tasks in Bulkand now Sendana Date. Like always I am indebted to my developers @EricLegault and @Mahmudul_Hasan for their fine work.


Hi @James_Carl I would love to help beta test. I know a lot of users who will love this feature. How can I get started?


Very cool, @James_Carl. I’ll check it out!

Sendana Date is now public. I think you will find it to be very useful. As always please send any problems to or PM me. ReadWhat Can You Do With Sendana Date

Click this link to access a tool to change dates in projects and templates
Sendana Date

I thought I would show a quick example so I used our good friend @Bastien_Siebman template service found at to choose a template. Again smaller templates with less than 50 tasks can use Sendana date or the multi-task select feature of Asana. But as you have more tasks or first level subtasks Sendana Date can change the dates quickly. To use Sendana Date just go to

Starting with Original Project/Template Of Weekly Meeting. Agenda I put a Start Date in for Paid Users Assuming their may be preparation:

I then quickly ran it through Sendana Date to roll the dates forward for next weeks meeting.

If this was done with re-occuring dates, which is a great feature you would not have the ability to limit to weekdays only. This example uses only one date which of course can be changed with multi-edit if less than 50 tasks but very few templates have the same date for each task and many projects or templates contain more than 50 tasks. No more changing one date at a time. !!!

At the end of the process Sendana Date also gives you the duration of your project by looking at the earliest Start or Due Date and latest Start or Due dates among tasks and subtasks to calculate the number of elapsed days.


We have now added the ability to select multiple projects for date updates. If you use Project as a client you may find you need to change dates on multiple projects or other applications.

We have now consolidated Sendana Add and Sendana Date into a new URL We are hearing about great time saving use Sendana Tools-Sendana Add- A Novel Way to Add and/or Transfer Projects and Tasks In Mass

Here is the new website.

What Can Sendana Date Do