Sections in list view not showing up on mobile

We had a project that ballooned to several hundred tasks, so on the desktop, I created several sections and moved all the tasks to the appropriate ones so everything is nice and organized.

Moving to mobile app (Android in my case), all I see in the list view is all the tasks and no sections. I assume I am doing something wrong. All my Googling comes up with people asking how to create sections on mobile, but I’m not trying to do that.

Am I just dumb?


Welcome, @Bill_Anderson2,

At the top of the project are some buttons. One of them is for the sort. You want that button (I think it’s the third one from the left) to say “None.” If it doesn’t say “None” that’s probably your issue. In that button menu, there’s a Sort within sections options. If it’s turned off, and set to something other than None, that would explain your not seeing sections.



Ah, thank you! Yes this was it.

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