Search Asana from your browser URL


is it possible to add Asana as a search engine in the Browser? So that I can write in the address bar a shortcut like "Asana ", a search string, and with Enter I open the search in Asana with that search string. Many sites offer this useful feature.

In chrome for instance, the list of search engines can be found here: chrome://settings/searchEngines. I have tried to add Asana here with as the URL, but of course that doesn’t work. :slight_smile:


Hi @Martin_Brandenburg :wave:t3:

This feature isn’t supported by Asana, but I agree that it would be useful. It does works with our forum URL ( and I’m a big fan!

Moving your post to the #productfeedback category, and I’ll keep you posted when I have some updates on my end :slight_smile:

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