Sandbox Training

Have any admins set up a sandbox version of Asana for training your teams?

I want to do a walk-thru with my team but don’t want to confuse them by being able to view my private projects, hidden teams, etc.


This is a great idea! We’d be happy to invite you into our training environment where we host training participants. It gets re-freshed each week, but I’d be happy to invite you in for the week of your training if it would be helpful?


Thanks @Kaitie. Let me think of how I need to structure it and I will get back to you.

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Super! Keep me updated. And for any other Admins, per Crystal’s original question- I’d love to hear if you have your own process for this.


I haven’t done this, as usually I just kind of hit them full blast with my favorites bar =P They usually don’t seem to mind - BUT

If I were to do something like this, I would probably just invite a universal email as an Asana user and have that be the clean-slate for onboarding. I can do this as we have space in our organization without paying for the next flight of 5, etc. - but that would be my recommendation if you can do it.


I’m not sure if this relates, and I may be caught up in vernacular differences, but here goes. We have a series of project templates set up for our department as we are tasked with launching new business and expanding product lines within our client base. When we have a new team member added, I typically go to these templates to conduct training. They’re housed in a team for easy reference.

We’ve found using the multihoming feature and tagging to be an efficiency when blending the main launch template with one of the products to avoid duplication. I’m happy to provide any more insights if needed.