🚨 Same-day dependency broken

When using the Timeline view, you might have realized that if you have a dependency between two tasks, one finishing the same day the next one starts, the dependency will show as conflicted (red).
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As a project manager, be careful and be aware of that behavior. Sometimes, your schedule don’t allow you to have the next task start the next day just to have a nice timeline! But if you can have the task start the next day, that might be wise just to avoid the visual conflict.

And remember: when a task is completed, the assignees of the dependent tasks are notified, so they can start working early!

Also remember: you don’t get notify of actions you did yourself, so you won’t be notified if you completed a task and that frees up your task to begin!


Excellent tip! Thanks @Bastien_Siebman :grinning:

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The idea that, as a project manager, you should push tasks to start a day “late” just because the timeline shows a red line is a little bit mental no?

Does it not make more sense to (either by default or by a setting) only show the red line when the blocked task it as least 1 day before the end of the blocking task?

It’s frustrating, cause I hate the red lines! However I can’t justify pushing tasks back a day just to make my timeline look pretty. The assumption by the software that every task must take at least 1 day is a major flaw in my opinion.

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@Emily_Roman do we have a product request on the matter we can upvote?

Hi @Bastien_Siebman and @Christopher_Barr, we already have a thread on this topic here: Dependencies Red line on same day.