Roll up/add values from related tasks into another task

Is there a way to add values from fields on dependent tasks? Here’s what I’m hoping to do:

  • Create a task.
  • Add tasks in other projects as dependencies.
  • Add a custom number field to all of the tasks.
  • Sum the numbers from all dependent tasks onto the “parent” task.

Or is summing values only available from subtasks to tasks?


I’m afraid that’s not possible natively in Asana, though you could do it with the API and custom code.

Asana offers sums of tasks’ numeric fields in a section in a project’s list view, the various dashboards offer number charts that are sums, and portfolios offer roll-ups, but I don’t think any of those are exactly what you’re looking for.

Tasks can show totals for subtasks’ time-tracking fields, but not regular numeric fields.




Thank you! This was the answer I needed. I appreciate the specifics, this will help me move forward.

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