Reset position of unfolding indicator in list view

I was surprised to see that some of my tasks had been moved to subtasks this morning… until I realized they actually hadn’t been. The indentation of tasks/subtasks with subtasks within them is causing odd display errors, and some subtasks are no longer displaying at all in list view.

In the screenshot, you’ll see that the highlighted tasks are indented, making them appear to be one level lower than the others. When you actually go to the tasks in question to review their position, they are actually structured as intended. This appears to be a view bug, and a recent change on our end.

I’ve moved your post to Report a Bug where it will get the proper attention soon.



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@tabitha could you please let us know what browser you’re using as well as the version please?
Could you also confirm what OS you’re running?


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Hi Marie! Thanks so much for looking into this. I am running Windows 10 Enterprise and using Edge Version 120.0.2210.61. Let me know what else you might need.

Hi @tabitha, I’ve gone ahead and filed a bug for this. Could you please share the URL of this project in case our team need to take a look into it to troubleshoot? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello again @tabitha. Our team has pushed a fix that will likely resolve this issue; can you try refresh your app and let us know if the issue perists?

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Looks so much better! Thank you, @Marie!

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