Replies to Comments



It would be good if the comments function can be developed further. For example: apply the option to reply to a comment vs comment in the entire comment box.
We use the options of follow / unfollow in tasks, but for a comment, my reply will go to everyone where I could have replied to one person only, and in Conversations, my reply will go to the one who initiated the conversation but not the entire group…


Conversations definitely needs some fine-tuning in my opinion - I understand what they’re going for, but I think I and most people use conversations a little like email and not having it default to send to everyone is a bit annoying. I haven’t dug into their rationale about it, but if it’s something they feel strongly about I think I’d be interested in hearing more about it.

But also a complete +1 for comment thread possibilities. Not saying it’s mandatory, but it would be interesting to discuss its pros/cons.