Reoccurring tasks not reoccuring

A subtask set to reoccur and marked completed by somebody with comment only permission does not reoccur.

if It’s a master task as opposed to a subtask and a comment only user marks complete it will reoccur. This is a bug and needs to be fixed ASAP please.

Browser version: Any

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Jason_Cohen and thanks for reaching out in the Forum!

This could well be a bug, but in order to investigate, we would need to take a look at these tasks in our system, so I think our support team will be in a better place to assist you. Could you please reach out to them following these steps: How do I contact support and provide them with the info below:

  • Email address of your colleague with Comment-Only access to the Project
  • URL of the initial task
  • URL of the new task after completing the initial one?

With this info our team will be able to launch investigations! Again, so sorry for the trouble @Jason_Cohen; let me know if there is anything I can help you with!