Remove Comma From Number Custom Label Field

Does anyone know of a way to remove the comma from a number format custom field, when the type is set to ‘custom label’?

I know there was a previous topic about this: Remove Comma from Number Format, but it seems that only works for the ‘unformatted’ type, which doesn’t help my situation. We want ‘PO-’ as a prefix for purchase order numbers, but it just looks wrong with the comma (numerical separator) showing.


Hi @ceturley,

Great question! At this time, it is not possible to remove the comma from the number field.

In this case, I would recommend using a text field instead of a number field. The number field will include commas and also sum up the total numerical value of the fields - something I don’t think you will require if only using for POs.

It is possible to enter numerical values in the text field! The comma and sum feature will not be included!

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply Rebecca. Unfortunately the PO custom field was set up a long time ago and we can’t change it from numerical to text. We also like to have the column doing a ‘count’ on how many PO’s there are (rather than sum), so numerical is better than text for that reason.

I have changed the field type back to unformatted, but it would be nice if we could choose whether to have the comma on or off for the custom numerical field.

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