Relative date for "Last Week" in report filters

I have a chart that shows the number of tasks created last week.
The chart is reviewed on Monday of every week.
Before the review, I have to go into the chart settings and alter the creation date filter to be the actual date for Monday and Sunday of last week.
I would like to use a relative date, for example “Within the last 7 days” but that includes tasks created today, e.g. Monday.
I’d like an option that allows me to filter on just “The last week”, because that would exclude any tasks created this week.

Hi @Mike_O_Dell, I did some tests and this is the closest I can come up with to what you seem to be looking for, by using the filter, “Within the last” 1 Weeks. However, it includes tasks that were created “today.”

I hope you find that helpful.

Your request it placed properly in the product feedback category. Don’t forget to upvote your feature request above. :+1:

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