Recent API Updates


I’m Tony from the platform team at Asana and I’m here to share some changes and improvements that we’ve been rolling out recently!

Permalink URLs
We’ve exposed a new field permalink_url on select objects that contains the URL for that object. This can be used to allow users to click through a link from your app that is deep-linked to the object in Asana. This is available on projects, tags, teams, tasks and portfolios.

Retrieving recent/relevant objects
Have you ever wanted to show a default/placeholder list of tasks relevant to the user? We have! You can now call the typeahead endpoint without a query. This is supported for tasks, users and projects and can be useful if you wanted to populate a dropdown or a default view with objects relevant and recognized by the user.

Attachment resource subtypes
We have added a resource_subtype field on attachments that indicates where this asset is stored. This piece of information was formerly also returned through the host field. We’ve also added an additional value external which represents an attachment that refers to an object outside of Asana. This is currently only used for issues attached through the Jira integration but may be used for future integrations.

Rotating Personal Access Tokens
With OAuth apps, we’ve allowed developers to rotate their client secrets to maintain security hygiene. We now allow a similar capability to reset your Personal Access Token. By resetting instead of creating a brand new PAT, you will retain the identity of your PAT and any associated external data.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or feedback!


Hi @TonyC! Can you say a bit more about this? I wasn’t aware of this feature - sounds interesting.

I believe he’s referring to the “Reset” button in the developer console (



Ah, OK, thanks!

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Is there any way to attach Jira tickets to an Asana task via the API? This is a big issue for us.

Hi @Jen_McVicker, this is something we’re working on. Keep a tab in this forum when we start providing early access to new functionality