Rate Limit error - Node

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There is one thing I am not very clear on. Libraries like the Node API GitHub - Asana/node-asana: Official node.js and browser JS client for the Asana API v1 do they include the management of Rate Limit Error, and the retries?


The Node API does account for the rate limit:


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You are the flash :stuck_out_tongue:

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Such a noob, I think I looked for it in the code but could not find it. Thanks a lot :heart: you are the bests

It can retry on rate limit responses, but this behavior is set by the dispatcher, which does not retry by default. You should be able to set client.dispatcher.retryOnRateLimit = true after you’ve created the client to enable this, though.

Good to know thanks. And there is still no solution to simulate a rate limit to make it easier to code how the app responds to it?