💡 Quote of the day "I was using Asana wrong"

:studio_microphone: "I have used Asana for years, I did not realize how wrongly I was using it"

This is a quote from a client after a couple of sessions together. At first, he was confident he knew Asana. After all he has been using it for years.

But don’t underestimate the experience of Certified Pros and Forum Leader like us: we have seen many use cases, made all the mistakes in the book, and have been studying the tools for years! For anything you need in Asana, there are several ways to do it usually, and they all have pros and cons. Only experience can teach you those!


Hi Bastien,

Could you tell us a bit more of how you’d been using Asana and what you discovered that changed your experience?

I have a feeling that I’m using Asana too much as a task manager and I could unlock many other productive workflows.


To clarify that quote is not from me but from a client.

In my case Asana is also a:

  • a place where I can empty my brain of all its ideas
  • a safe where I can store various information (like gift I gave, passwords…)

Your questions is kinda hard ^^

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