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Why not make a public roadmap for future Asana versions?

Yeah, we’ve all read that our input and idea’s are being taken into account etc. But right now nobody knows which features are getting real attention (by fixing/changing/adding them) and which not.
A public roadmap would enhance communication regarding features. This category in the forum seems like a mess to me because nobody knows what feedback was already given, when, if Asana is paying attention to it, etc.

A good start would be something like the Unity roadmap

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Hi @Frederik_Smolders. Thanks for reaching out! We’ve covered this topic in the following thread:


Why not just an overview of projects that are “on the radar”? This helps me decide if I want to spend money and time creating a work-around, or if I just want to wait for the feature.


Correct, that’s exactly what I meant.

@Alexis, I understand giving timeframes can be dangerous, but even a roadmap of subject like “working on” or “future” would be a huge plus.
Right now, no one has any idea if his/hers request is heard. I guess everyone wants to know if the feature he/she needs is coming or not…


Totally understand where you’re coming from. I’ll raise the idea and see what we can do!


Thanks, @Alexis! Please let us know what you find out.


Just wanted to follow up here with an example: Spotify does something similar to what we’re requesting.

**The Community team talks with various other Spotify teams several times a month about the ideas that have over 100 kudos. It’s from these meetings that we apply one of the following statuses to each idea: **

Good Idea, Give It Some Kudos - We like this idea. A decision has not been made but we want to see how much the Community continues to vote on it.
Not Right Now - We talked about this internally and it’s not on our timeline for the next few months or more.
Under Consideration - This has been brought up internally.
Watch This Space - This feature is coming. We have a rough timeline for its release.
Implemented - This feature has rolled out.