Projects, Teams and Goals are missing the "created_by" field


The API object Project seems to be missing the created_by field. I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t have it. The doc does not list it, but shows one in the example. Is that expected behavior?

I am also surprised a team or a goal doesn’t have that field…

@Phil_Seeman do you have any insights about this situation?

Hmm, interesting. Internally created_by is based on a field that we apply to more or less all objects, so perhaps we just didn’t expose this?

By any chance have you tried using opt_fields to “opt in” or specify that you’d like to see this field? It might be possible we are not returning it by default.

Good point, I’ll try!

@Matt_Bramlage @Bastien_Siebman I tried getting it with opt_fields but no dice, still not returned.

Thanks for trying. I am guessing this won’t be too hard for the API team, maybe a perfect first assignment for a new hire :grimacing:

@Bastien_Siebman and @Phil_Seeman – thanks for your feedback on this. I’ve reported this to our API team, and it’s on their radar for a future update :+1:.

I believe Goals should already have created_by in the response when making the GET /goals/{goal_gid} call with opt_fields. If you see otherwise, please keep me posted.



@AndrewWong is it still on the roadmap? Thanks

@AndrewWong sorry to bother, you never answered my question back in January.

@AndrewWong it has been almost a year with no answer, are you receiving those notifications?

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Hey @Bastien_Siebman, sorry for the radio silence on this topic. We’ve followed up with the API team on this request and it’s still not on the roadmap. I will reiterate that developers want this field exposed. To that end, can you share anything about your use case and/or the value that this field will provide? This context helps in the prioritization process.

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Latest check:

  • projects do not have created_by, even if requested
  • teams do not have created_by, even if requested
  • goals do have the field if requested