Project Template GID Parameter in Microsoft Connection ASANA Create Project

Dear Team

I have created the Project in Asana from Microsoft Email → Power Automated → with Asana template create project, however I check the project created with the Default template, which is not really helpful since every organization I believe some is already define the Project Template, and it would be inefficient effort to create the template while we already have one.
So, I wish the team could add the Optional Parameter of Project_template_gid in CreateProjectAsana api in the Microsoft Power Automate.

Best Regards

@Kun_Yong - welcome to the forum! I don’t personally use power automate, but the Asana API has a separate endpoint for creating a project from a template (see here). Perhaps you can check if there’s a node for that endpoint and use it instead. If you need to set some of the other info on the project, the way you normally do that is to instantiate a project from a template, return its GID, and then use the update project endpoint to alter the new project’s metadata.