Project Portfolio Management

Hi everyone. I’m curious how others manage their project portfolios through Asana. Our current process for project requests: User fills out a project request form > This form creates a task in our project request board > Senior management reviews the project and prioritizes by moving the task up or down on the board view.

We have a portfolio that houses all of our projects. I was recently asked to add all project requests to this portfolio which has made the process more complex. So when a new project is requested with the form, I have to create a new project for it and add it to the portfolio. So now, I have to update the project in two locations. I’m interested to hear how others manage their portfolios.


I am working through a similar use case, limited to the premium license. The project request is task of the Project Request Board. I also add it as a task within the Project you have just created as this task led to the project. That way, even though they are in two locations, the item is linked. Not the most elegant method, but am also interested if anyone has a better method.

Business license upgrade is the most elegant solution if cost isn’t a factor.