Project Log Tracking


I guess the best way for me to explain the feature request, would be to tell you the primary way we use Asana for a specific project. We do one on one sponsorships of orphan children, while we have a database to track donations and to provide us with information about the child they sponsor, there is no easy way for us to see all of the information at once. Providing one on one sponsorships is not the only way to give we offer. Along with the sponsorships we offer updates to each sponsor on a recurring six month basis, and with its fast growth we have run into a few problems, tracking the activities on the accounts and planning ahead for future months. So i created a client database with your solution to track the entire process, including assigning tasks to individuals responsible for that account all the way down to the update being sent in the mail. As I’m sure others have encountered, as long as everyone stays in their lane, the constituent database I created should stay in tact. I would believe it unreasonable to request granular administrative privileges, so an easy solution would be an entire project log. Currently you provide logs on each task at the bottom, is there any possible way that logs could be provided for an entire project. I currently audit the project on a weekly basis, but with logs, it would cut the time to do so down considerably, and would allow me to address any issues with members over stepping their privileges. An example being, if someone switched a due date or deleted a task, or added a comment or changed a due date or marked someone else’s task completed or any other host of scenarios. For the time being, i have made a copy of the project for backup, and will audit against it.