Using Asana for Logging


Hi Asanas!

We are pretty new to Asana with just around one month under the hood…
Were setting Projects for SW/HW and mechanical development, which is fine, but we also do a lot of testing and experiments, where we would like to log results. I don’t think each test justifies a separate project, so I would like to group tests with in a project. I may Also upload pictures/text files belonging to a test. I have not works with sub tasks, but would like to see examples

Any experience with using Asana for logging?


Sounds like a board with each test as a column/category would be useful. In board view, any pictures attached display in the box.


We’ve kinda used Asana for logging. Whenever a bug or an error occurs w/in our software, we email the details of the bug to an Asana project, just like forwarding emails to an Asana project.

The key is to format the subject so that looking at the logs (tasks) are easy to consume.


Thanks @Noel_Howell1 and @Michael_Trompeta
I will set up a test project board, with a column for each test and try it out with the testers. It may on the other hand be easier to set up a project list and use sub tasks.

I can hopefully convert boards to lists and vice versa in the near future, if we change our mind :grinning: