Private follow up reminders


When I am overseeing other people’s task completion I want to be able to set myself private reminders to follow up on those task.
I do not want to have multiple separate Asana tasks called “follow up on XYZ”


Welcome to the Forum @Alon_Shalvi and thank you so much for your feedback! Just to clarify, would you like all these reminders to be grouped in a specific area instead of having separate tasks?


Hi Marie,

Thanks for the quick reply.

The main goal would be to have an easy way of tracking tasks that are of interest to me without being assigned to them or creating multiple follow up tasks for each one.

To answer you question:

Yes, I imagine all follow ups would be grouped together.

They would be linked to the relevant task/project.

They will have different action buttons.

And some automation around follow up activity would be nice as well. E.g. adding pre-written suggested comments to task owner.

Happy to think this through together if you’d like.



Thank you so much for the additional information @Alon_Shalvi! Understanding context is key for us, so thank you for taking the time to share more info and detail your vision; really appreciate it!