Preview of Tags? (Former feature???)

Hi, everyone!

So I’m starting up with asana again, and I noticed something. When I apply tag(s) to a task, there are no previews of the tags next to the task in the project view. (on the task row, to the left of the assignee and due date). I remember CLEARLY that these used to be t here but I don’t see them anymore? Can anyone explain what’s going on?

I attached a hypothetical picture of what it would look like for reference.

Thank you!

@Brooke_Jackson, Yes, you’re correct–it did change! The default for projects is that Tags won’t appear in List view. To turn them on in a project just click the “Hide” (may also be named “Show fields” icon toward the top left header and then set the Tags toggle on. Then use the “. . .” overflow menu (further to the right) to Save layout as default to have it persist.