Posting 'previews' through API

According to We’d love your feedback on our new app-only comment additions, a previews API element was added to stories for creating specially formatted comments like Asana for Gmail does. We have not seen any further progress on this. Has this been fully implemented or abandoned?

If this has been implemented, can someone direct how it is used through the API (POST-ing with a previews data element doesn’t appear to work)?

If invite only, can someone direct who to contact because the link on the previous post does not get a response?

If abandoned, why?

Pinging to get to top of the list. Still waiting an answer.

Paging @Ross_Grambo :slight_smile:


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Hey @Benjamin_Ragan,

It seems like a no… We don’t plan to release previews to all apps.

It seems like the logic is that we’re coming out with a new feature shown on our landing page that allows apps to display info in the Asana UI. Sounds like our design team prefers this approach over the previews format.

If you’d like this functionality you can request to be a part of the early access program.

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