Possible to add two projects AND a milestone to a task using one HTTP Request?

Hi there,

I’m trying to see if it is possible to add a task to two different projects while changing the resource type to “milestone” in one request to reduce the amount of actions.

Currently, I have setup 3 different requests

  1. Add to project - add to project 1 - PUT
  2. Add to project - added to project 2 - POST
  3. Update Task - Change to milestone - POST

Can I combine the body parameters in a way to make one request each?

If anyone can provide some insight, it would be greatly appreciated.



As seen on the image, the projects field of a task can’t be used after the creation, you have to use the specific endpoint. And turning a task into a milestone is using the PUT endpoint, so my answer would be no. @Phil_Seeman can you confirm?

@Dorian_Wong what’s wrong with doing 2 requests (except the possible rate limit)?

Hi Bastien,

Thank you for the response. I just wanted to see if there were alternatives to combine my HTTP request as I am using Microsoft Flow to automate our task creations and there is a action limit within one Flow.

Just wanted to see if I could reduce the amount but it seems that I can’t. I’ll proceed with the two Addproject and the Put for milestones.

Thanks again,

If these actions are independent, I mean, you don’t need to run one before another for a logical purpose, you can use the “/batch” endpoint.

That does not reduce the rate limit, but it allows you to run these 3 actions using one single POST.