Portfolio Summaries - capturing and displaying more data

It feels like the Portfolio summaries are very undercooked. It can only show a summary of a maximum of 3 projects at a time… Also, why can’t it pull data from Status updates?

Or, at least make another way to view the status updates of every project within a portfolio at once, rather than having to individually click in and out of every status update

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When you say summaries, are you referring to the AI feature?

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You may want to refer to this helpful feedback from the product team on how you can use prompts to affect the outcome and what data the AI uses to generate results:

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the issue is the summary is only including 3 project max… we have some portfolios with 25 projects and would like a summary of each of them

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What does make you believe that only 3 projects are included ? (real question)

Because, I also receive summaries from a portfolio with dozens of (clients) projects; and I receive a summary surfacing some key information all over the portfolio.
Indeed, there isn’t a summary per project, but the summary is split into multiple transverse topics and includes (presumably) all projects.


Because every time I run a summary report, it only puts out 3 dot points (randomly selecting 3 projects from the list of +20)…?


Sorry you experience that.
AI is sometimes mysterious, but ALSO, those features are being improved regularly by Product Teams.

Also have in mind, that AI results are best when the underlying data contains a lot of information and is well structure (ex: a lot of status updates, all projects having the same structure, portfolio with a lot of custom fields…). I don’t know the exact rules, but I know that more and better data = more and better AI insights.

And please always use the thumbs up or down to leave a comment to the Asana teams; that helps them a lot to steer in the right direction :wave:

This is the kind of result I obtain in a portfolio with dozens of projects.
*The 3 parts are not projects, but some transverse topics chosen by AI

Hope that helps a little :wink:

Thanks, and this is what I mean. It will narrow down everything into maximum 3 ‘areas’, which seems like its naturally going to miss a lot of information