Own Task Id field f.e. with autonumber field

There should be a way to create an own TaskId. This TaskId should be linked to a specific project or no project. F.e if I create in my Project001 a Task with the autonumber 00001 and so on, this Id is unique for this project. If I link this task to another Project and there is also a autoNumber Field the task has two autonumber Ids. one for Project001 and another for Project002. But in this way you have a simple way to create TaskIds with autonumber fields. Not every Project needs IDs but there should be some sort of easy identifier to find a task. Of course when I search for a number it means tha I can find more than one task → Possible Soltuion: Each project gets also an ID or prefix like in Jira f.e. Pro001-0001 (Pro001 is the Project Id and 0001 the task Id) So you can find every task also in its possible project context.

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