Options: For a task, return just 1 Custom Field

Thanks in advance.

I’m using the ruby-asana gem to query tasks. I pass an options object that looks like
opts = {fields: [‘created_at’, ‘modified_at’, ‘completed_at’, ‘custom_fields.enum_value.name’, ‘tags.name’]}.

It works, but the task.custom_fields returns an array of all the possible custom fields that are associated with this task.

For our purposes, it would be more efficient to just get the value for 1 custom field, rather than having to loop through that array, so I tried changing opts to:

opts = {fields: [‘created_at’, ‘modified_at’, ‘completed_at’, ‘custom_fields..enum_value’, ‘tags.name’]}

But it still returns an array. Is what i’m trying to accomplish possible? I figured it would be because in the search API we are capable of filtering by custom_field..value and such.

Please let me know if i’m doing something wrong, or what i’m trying to do isn’t possible.

Kind regards.

No, there’s no option to just get the value from one custom field.

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