OKR Tracking in Asana

Larry could you dm the OKR workaround? Thank you!

Welcome, @MattThink; I’ve DMed you…

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I’d be keen to hear more too Larry - cheers!

Thanks, @Josh_Harding, I’ve just DM’ed you here. --Larry

Hello, looking for a KPI tracker solution. Interested to see your workaround. ty

Welcome, @Rossana_Gutierrez, and thanks; I’ve DM’ed you here in the Forum. --Larry

Hi, I’m interested in the OKR tool as well, kindly let me know how to adopt it for my team’s process!

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Welcome, @Hitakshi_Modi, I’ve sent you a private message here in reply. --Larry

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Hi Larry, I am interested in your KPI tracking solution as well! -Katie

Welcome, @Katie_Wolf, I’ve just direct-messaged you here in the Forum with info. Thanks, Larry