OKR Tracking in Asana

@lpb Thanks a lot! We have some “Must-have” in every project we create, so let’s try adding one more :hugs:

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Hi @lpb, I am al so interested in adding OKRs for my team. Please do share :slight_smile:

Hi Larry, I am very interested in the OKR solution and want to know more about.
Looking forward to hearing from you.


I’ve set private messages here to both @Monaliza_Llukes and @Maximilian.



Hi Larry,

I am interested in your OKR solution. Could you please share it with me also?

Best Regards,


Hi @lpb - I’d be interested in seeing how it looks and what is possible aswell please.

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Hi @Chris_C, I’ve just private messaged you here in the Forum.



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Hey Larry, Sounds really interesting - could you send me more info to charlie@equippd.uk.

Thank you!

Thanks, @Charlie_McCourt. I’ve gotten back to you separately just now.


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Hi Larry (@lpb), I’d be interested in knowing more about your OKR solution and seeing how we could implement. Thanks!

Hi @Francisco_Galvez, I just PM’ed you here in the forum–thanks!

Larry Hi!

I’m also interested in the OKRs solutions, since I’m considering implementing in my law firm.

Hi @Sven_BR_Lawyer, I’ve left you a private message in the forum. Thanks, Larry

Hi Larry, I’m interested in learning more about your OKR solution in Asana.

@Ethan_Glessich, I’ve left you a private message here. Thanks, Larry