Oauth login flow for custom apps does not complete.

I’m working on testing the oauth flow for my application using ngrok. Everything seems to be working, I can log myself in and authorize the app. However, after logging in, the waiting screen in asana just hangs and never seems to recognize that the login was successful. I don’t see any errors anywhere, so it’s difficult for me to diagnose. I enabled broad range CORS in case that was an issue and it did not help. I’m following the this example:

I would like to know if this is an issue with using ngrok and / or what debugging steps I could take.

Hi @Daniel_Tashjian,

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s been established that the OAuth flow won’t work with ngrok. You need a real server I’m afraid…

Is there a known technical reason why? It’s not obvious to me why it wouldn’t work. I’ve implemented log in flows with facebook for example using ngrok.

I’m not 100% sure it’s not supported. I just went back through the forum - I thought I recall there was a definitive discussion of it not working but I couldn’t find anything like that. OTOH, there are a few people who had auth issues and were using ngrok, but unfortunately their threads show no resolution so one can’t tell if ngrok was the problem or not.

I recommend writing to api-support@asana.com to get help on this issue.

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