Now available: favorites in the API!


It’s a double-feature week! :confetti_ball: We’re happy to announce that you can now fetch a user’s favorite projects, tags, teams, users, and portfolios that they’ve added to their sidebar in the Asana web app. Just call GET /users/{user_gid}/favorites with an appropriate workspace and resource_type in the query parameters to get the relevant items. Special thanks to @David_Haxton for implementing this endpoint!

Please also note the following:

  • Favorites are returned in the same order they appear in a user’s sidebar.
  • A user is only able to view their own favorites, and not other users’ favorites.
  • A user’s favorites will vary by workspace, so the workspace parameter is required.
  • You can only get one type of favorite at a time, so the resource_type parameter is required.
  • We do not have support for modifying a user’s favorites, such as adding, removing, or reordering them.


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