New custom field type: "Formula"

I just came into a company which is using Asana since years and I can’t apply even very basic project stuctures, like creating a field which combines the values in two other fields into one (e.g. calculating the product or sum). The use case behind this is to use this combined field for sorting our tasks. It’s just not possible at the moment. I already checked the Scrum guide and also watched the university for any tips to work around this. But there is no way.

Thus I would like to suggest to add a new custom field type named “Formula” where we can do basic calculation (meaning +, -, /, *) and reference other fields of the same tasks in order to do this.

Please note that it should also be possible to convert “Dropdown” custom fields into numbers if the values are numeral strings. E.g. if we have a field called Complexity and we have options like 1 , 1/2 , 2 , 40 then those should be convertible to numbers for the formula field.

Of course, the formula feature can be improved upon over time by adding more options and functions to use. See how solved formula fields which I think can be applied 1-to-1 to Asana over time:

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