multiple asignee tasks and due date


i am currently using:[userid]&completed_since=now&workspace=[workspaceid]

Is it possible to use a similar string to grab multiple users tasks together and beyond that can i get this to return the due date information of the task too? i tried &opt_expand=due_date but got nothing.


Hi @Rob_McGrail,

Not via a similar string but using the Search API instead, you should be able to get this via the ?assignee.any parameter.

A task’s due date is in the due_on field; there’s no API field called “due_date”. Here are all of the task fields.

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Also, for due_on / due_at fields, you need to use the opt_fields parameter instead of opt_expand.

GET …/tasks?assignee=xxx&opt_fields=due_on,due_at,…

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Thanks both. As you can tell i am new to all this!

Will try this out and see how i get on.