How to get user tasks for the specified period?

How to get user tasks for the specified period?,due_on&workspace=28590171810654&assignee=39856396021971&completed=false&completed_since=2018-08-21&limit=1

@romankondratev, thanks for reaching out. The easiest way to get tasks within a specific date range is by using the Search API. For example:

Note that the Search API is a premium feature. To do this as a free user, I suggest fetching tasks and then doing some client side filtering for your desired date range. You can get all incomplete tasks fairly easily by specifying completed_since=now or you can put in a date range to get tasks that have been completed since a certain time. Here are the docs for task queries not using the search endpoint.


Thank you!

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I’ve been around the forum and couldn’t really get my head around it. Now i can :wink: