Multi Assign

Listen I get the whole “one accountable person” and I’m fine with only having one assignee. However to not be able to create a custom field that also has a member list is cray.
For example: I have Product leads, Design leads, and engineering leads. I need to be able to identify those people for one project/task.

Hi there Jackie,

You can create a multi-select custom field with the member’s names to designate if multiple people are involved in the same task. I know it’s rather a workaround, and even though you can’t search specifically by custom field, at least you can still use search/advanced search to find items with their name. Unfortunately you have to add each member manually to the custom field list, so it can be rather tedious if you have a lot of users, fortunately we are a small company so it is not impossible for us. I call the custom field “people” (original I know.)

Not sure if you’ve seen it already but there is a big long thread on this request, you can upvote it here.

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