Moving Entire Headings / Columns to new projects all at once?

I’ve got a need to separate a calendar type board from a meeting type list into separate projects - one centered on the meeting, the other on the calendar it manages. I’d like to move the 12 Jan-Dec Columns into a separate project all at once… any ideas? Thanks!


You might want to explore using Duplicate Project to copy everything, then remove the parts you don’t want…all of that carefully! Otherwise, you can’t replicate the Section/Column membership except manually.

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Hi @Michael_Hobbs and welcome to the Forum!

As @lpb explained, the only way to achieve this is by manually doing it.

There is a thread in the Forum requesting this feature: Move/Copy entire Sections from one Project to another Project. In case you haven’t yet, I would suggest you to upvote it!.

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Thanks for looking out for me guys. I’ve upvoted as you recommended. Best wishes!

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Found an easy way to do this… Multi-select the tasks to move, add them all to the project you wish they were in, delete then from the project they’re currently in. Easy!

@Michael_Hobbs, Yes that’s a great solution for tasks, but your initial request said you wanted to move tasks in 12 columns and I assumed you were looking for a solution that maintained the columns and the tasks’ membership to the columns. If you don’t need that, I’d definitely change the project membership instead. And it can be streamlined from your Add Project then Delete Project–just change the Project.