module 'asana' has no attribute 'Client'

We have a few different Python notebooks in Databricks that use the Asana API to get data from projects. Yesterday, our code started failing and we get the error: “module ‘asana’ has no attribute ‘Client’” when trying to interact with the API.

The code I’m using was based on the docs as-of a few weeks ago. When I looked at the docs yesterday, it seems like the Python API changed? The code I have is below.

Was this API deprecated? If so, how/where was it communicated? If not, how do I get this to work again?

client = asana.Client.access_token(
    "token" # uses e-receipt service account

result = client.goals.get_goals(

Hi @Todd_Levinson,

We just published a brand new python client library this week which changes how you make API calls with the python client. This is why we released it under a major version bump. If you would still like to use the old client and it’s formatting please install the previous version of the client. The previous version before the major bump was v3.2.1: asana · PyPI

Make sure to set a lock on the version in your requirements.txt if you plan on using our old library with your notebook.

Going forward we will be publishing updates to the newer python client library.

You can still access the documentation for our old python client in the example drop down: