Midnight Notifications Are Not Nice

Just got woken up by the Asana app going off after midnight, to tell me that I have a task due today. This is pretty bad design. At a minimum, it should wait until morning. Who would possibly want a reminder in the middle of the night? Only someone working a night shift. Even better design would be to allow the user to select notification windows for task reminders, since we don’t all work on the same schedules. Even then, the defaults should be sensible, and not automatically give a user who has just installed the app a midnight notification on a Friday night. That’s ridiculous.



Completely agree. Is there a way to change this setting?


i want to know this too.

French guy agreeing too !
Stressed by these midnight notifications !

Agreed, please fix this

Please just give us the option to turn it off!

I’m glad to announce that this issue has been fixed! From now on, notifications will be sent between 7am and 8am (local time) :tada:

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For assigning someone a task, Asana defaults the due time to 12:00am. Most of our staff have these as apps on their phones so all of their tasks are alerting their phones in the middle of the night. I know you can change the due time, but several people are forgetting to click this option every time especially when they don’t need a specific due time.

I am still getting all of my notifications at 12 am. Am I missing something?

Hmm… would you mind trying to re-install your app and let me know if the issue persists? Apologies for the trouble @MELISSA3!

I see I forgot to reply to your suggestion. Reinstalling the app solved my problem. Thanks for the help!

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