Meeting agenda from previous tasks



I see Asana have a new template for meetings, the issue as I see it (unless I’m mistaken) is that you then have to create new tasks to form the agenda.

I would like to see the ability to be able to tag existing tasks to form a meeting agenda. Once tagged you could choose which particular meeting they form part of and then the meeting agenda would be presented in a meaningful manner.


Would you not just add those existing tasks to the “Project” of your relevant meeting agenda?


HI Mustafa,
I am doing this with Multi-homing. Just create a new project for a meeting and multi-home existing tasks into this meeting project. Afterwards you will have your meeting agenda automatically

See an example:


I don’t wish to duplicate tasks. We run multiple projects and would be far easier to be able to flag various individual tasks from different unique projects into one meeting agenda. The agenda could be presented in a page which a group can discuss and follow up on in the next meeting.


Hi Sebastian,

Thank you, that’s interesting way of achieving this. I’m sure at a basic level this may be enough.

Would still find value in simply flagging items through some sort of simple tick box or flag that adds items to a meeting agenda.

Thank you for your reply!


What about if you just use tags e.g. Weekly Finance Meeting, and once you have the meeting, then you click on the tag and you see all task with this tag. You do not have the best sorting experience but perhaps it makes it already easier for you.


I think flagging items is as simple as Tab+P and typing in ‘agenda’ to pull up the agenda project. I do it and it’s super fast. Faster than even Tab+T to add a tag, plus you get a nice organization in the project.

So when I prep for a meeting with leadership, there’s an agenda project, I go through my tasks and and tasks that are relevant to discuss and then go through projects, etc. So the tasks are in there and done. Plus as I work on stuff through the week,or get an email that I forward to asana, I just immediately add it to the agenda project of whatever group if it’s not urgent. So we can discuss it there.