Mechanical Contractors that use Asana

Good Afternoon,

Are there any mechanical contractors or general contractors on this forum that use Asana to manage their workflows? If yes, would you be willing to speak with me? I want to better understand how I can leverage Asana for my business.




I think you’ll have better luck talking to an Asana expert who knows a lot of different use cases and will tailor the answer to your needs! Have a look on to pick one.

We are a ~400 employee HVAC, Electric, and Plumbing trades company. We do New Construction work, Install/Replacement work, and Service work… both residential and commercial.

We use Asana in various ways in our company, so depending on what you’re considering I might be able to give some input/feedback based on our experience. That sound like what you’re looking for?

Yes! Would love to speak with you if you have availability.
We are a 35 employee company that focuses primarily steam/hydronic boilers.
We manage around 100 jobs at any given point in time.
We are using Asana currently but I believe we can be using it better.
Reached out to Asana consultants and have meetings setup for next week to review our setup.
That being said, I would love the opportunity to speak with someone like yourself to see how your team leverages Asana’s features and functionality for your operations.

Thanks so much,