Markdown doesn't work well with international keyboard

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

The recently-introduced “BabyMarkdown” feature (let’s call it that because it doesn’t have 89% of the features it should have) doesn’t work well when using the US-International input mode on a US keyboard (at least as tested on macOS)

More specifically, the monospaced and strikethrough syntax for the BabyMarkdown doesn’t work.

For those of you language-impaired (from the “It works on my machine so it must be good!” team) the US-International input mode has a bunch of “dead keys” that you need to type along with others. For example on the top left of the US keyboard we have the ~` (back-tick and tilde) key. But when we press that one, we need to press something else, for example an “e” and we get è or we can have an Ñ …

When we want just the basic symbol, we press the key and then the space bar. In that way we can get a literal ` or a ~ (or ’ or " or ^ for other dead keys)

Whatever Asana is doing on the browser when capturing keystrokes, doesn’t work well with that double-key entry, so we get literal whatever

Steps to reproduce:
It’s more or less explained above. Configure your system to use US International keyboard and try to type a BabyMarkdown monospace or strikethrough (other marks such as bold and italic seem to work fine)

Browser version:
Tried it on Firefox and Chrome.

Upload screenshots below:


Hi @Barzilai_Spinak, thanks for your report! I’m investigating this issue and I’ll get back to you once I have more information :raised_hands: