Logging in on Mac always appears as first time user

I’m trying to help a more technologically-challenged team member, but I don’t know Macs well at all. They recently received a new Macbook, and upon logging into Asana for the first time found themselves with nothing. None of the previously present pages/tabs/etc. were there. It was as if they had logged in for the first time.

Since then, every fix I can think of has come up with the same outcome. I have removed then re-added them to the team and individual pages, yet still nothing is there when they log in. We’ve tried multiple email addresses and browsers and with both the Asana app and in-browser. Everything being used is the latest version.

Has this happened with anyone else that may be able to share how the problem was resolved? Not only would I like to have our entire team back together in Asana, but I’d like to be able to help if this happens with future Macbook users.

Welcome, @Zach_Kilday,

It’s possible that they are in a different workspace/organization by default and not the main one you’re all using.

Have the person click their profile image in the top right of their Asana window. In the menu that appears, make sure their checkmark is next to the same workspace/org that your checkmark is when you do the same thing.

Otherwise, perhaps best to email support@asana.com.

Hope that helps,