Location based reminder

I would like to set reminders based on location. If I drop by a friend’s house I want a reminder to return his gadget which has been in my car trunk for months.

This would be similar to google location based reminders and todoist location based reminders.
more details on https://get.todoist.help/hc/en-us/articles/205348301

This is a great idea @Koen_Bal! I would also love to see this implemented in the future! :crossed_fingers: Thanks for sharing it!

Have a great Thursday! :slight_smile:

I run multiple projects in a number of countries and need a location based reminder for some activities. If I forget something it might be months before I get the opportunity to complete it. Thank you


We now use this feature in Google Keep, can you tell me if it is in the development cycle for Adam at this time please, of scheduled to be in it in the future. Thank you.