Issue with Conversations




I was looking at the Asana video on:

I wanted to let you know that I do not see:

  1. The right pane showing a list of project and
  2. I do not have ability to create a task from the conversation as shown on video.

Can you please advise why?

Also, is it possible to have internal conversation with team members and not guest (people outside organization) if they all belong to the same project?



Hi Pedro,

  • The list of projects you’re referring to is actually the project description are. In the video, the project creator has elected to create a list of reference projects in the project description… If you click the drop down arrow next to the project name, you’ll see an option to edit project name and description. When you click this option, you’ll notice the project description box appear on the right.

  • Adding a task from a conversation is no longer available at this time.