Is there a way to register a webhook for all asana events?

Hello, I am trying to make an integration that will notify on Slack when some of my projects get updated. The problem is that I have dozens of them and registering one webhook for each seems weird. Is there a way that I can get notified when all my projects get a status update? Or can I just register to receive any event from anywhere?

No, sorry, webhooks can currently only be registered at the project or task level.

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Do you know of any way for me to know when 30 projects get a new status update that is not registering single webhooks?

Can I register the same webhook URL for multiple projects?

No, you’ll need 30 webhooks in that example.

Absolutely! You only need one endpoint to send all of your webhooks to. When that endpoint receives a webhook, just query the Resource , Action and Type values that Asana sent - the combination of those three will tell your endpoint what type of object Asana is reporting on, what happened to that object, and the ID of the object.

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