Is it possible to set a specific due time on a task?

When a task is created, is it possible to set a specific due time. I can see that there is a picklist for due times that are in 30 minute increments. (Like 9:00AM, 9:30AM, 10:00AM, etc.). But our need is to have a due time like 9:15AM or 9:20AM. When I attempt to enter in a specific time, it allows it, but then upon save, it reverts to a picklist value instead. Any ideas or workarounds for this?


I’ve been burned by this before too. After entering your custom time in the field, you just need to tab off the time field, or click within the dialog, and only after doing one of those two things dismiss the dialog. Your custom time will be saved this way.



@Eric_Miller for what it is worth… I’ll mention that on mobile (iOS, at least) you are limited to 5 min intervals. Much like what you are experiencing when you don’t take the particular steps @lpb outlined, the set due time always adjusts to the nearest 5 minute increment.

Again, I know you aren’t asking about mobile behavior, but I didn’t want you to come across this and think the experience was the same. :wink:


@lpb - Thanks for the heads up here. Problem Solved!

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