Set due time to any time

I have a client meeting coming up at 8.45am but I cannot set that as a Due Time as Asana only allows Due Time in 30 minute increments. I suggest changing that to 15 minute or smaller increments or just allow the user to enter whatever they want.

Hi Bill, you can set any time you want if you type it rather than using the preset options. You just have to to type ‘a.m.’ or ‘p.m.’ for it to accept it as a time format. I just tried this random time now.


Thanks. Yeah I usually time my time as 8.45am with a period vs colon as entry goes in quicker that way. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stick but reverts to 8:00AM or 8:30AM. Yes typing the colon works to set the time to an exact time. So, I guess I’d like to switch the request to “please accept a period in place of colon when entering Due Time”

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