Is it best to keep a task assigned or unassign it when completed?

I can’t decide whether to unassign tasks when I mark them complete. On one hand, I like seeing them in my tasks (I created a completed Section to put them in), but on the other hand, it could get cluttered and confusing. Do you think it’s best to keep tasks assigned or is it better to unassign them when marking them complete and why? Thanks!

It’s definitely the consensus to leave the assignee intact even after complete. It’s valuable info to persist, and it’s one less extra thing to have to do. Often, people apply the “Incomplete” filter as a default to hide these completed tasks; when you occasionally need to see them, just remove the filter temporarily; it will reset.

(And it’s a popular practice to at least encourage if not all but require assignees to mark their own tasks complete, by the way.)



Thank you for your helpful response. I will keep the assignee intact.

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