iPad/iOS Widgets - Improve functionality and correct display to match function.

Currently there are three widget options all vary for size but offer the same information, the tasks due today.

However the small widget shows a week layout and will indicate a bar if there are tasks due in that week. Yet the display counter will show a zero/zero.

This is confusing and frustrating.

It would be more useful to show a count for what is displayed.
Or change the display to match the count.

However, it would be helpful to have a future view, a look ahead.

Based on the new features and functionality of iOS, this could kill the iOS app because of loss of integration with how an iPad is used.

Note: I solely use an iPad and only venture onto a PC or use the web for specific actions when I cannot get to my iPad.

Hi @Henry_Teutsch, thanks for reaching out! As it stands, the iOS widget only shows tasks due today. This means the counter will show the tasks incomplete vs complete on each specific day but not the entire week. We already have a request to customize the widget, I recommend you to vote for this feature here: [iOS 14 Widget] Add the option to see more tasks instead of just tasks due today (All tasks, due this week etc.)

Thanks again for sharing your feedback with us!